I Am Without Me (Demo)

by New Miseries

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released September 1, 2010



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New Miseries Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Stroudsburg's bastard sons

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Track Name: (11:11)
- instrumental -
Track Name: Black & Blue
(R. Vena)

Dreamless sleep in effigy

Of everything you stole from me

Ships sink and the love just drowns again (unwanted)

There’s innocence in absence

While my wrists are raining down

From where I swing I know now

I’ll die staring at the ground

Sewn through these words is the love I send

And in my chest, a barren heart to lend

Dragged through this town and through the “never again’s”

Hanged by the ties I couldn’t bear to mend

(Never again, never again) Never live to share your lips again

(Never again, never again) Never wake to hold me close in bed

Supposed king of heart

I’ll find solace in sleep

When the only hollow thing

In this fucking room rests in me

My vision fades

When will this end?

Unhinge this tomb with my heart key

And put my ashes out to fucking sea

I’m so sorry my beautiful absentee

Life was never cut out for me
Track Name: Rain
(R. Vena)

I’m fighting for the memories in the back of my mind

Lost in dull retrieve of a heart dimming from bright

The latter of this life leaves me with bare bones to wear

There’s no heart upon these sleeves nor a single tear to spare

The glass cracks at the windows edge when I tell myself it’s still okay

My hands shake at the fucking thought of all the love I let slip away

I’m taking back these tired words in hope it all might end today

I’ll carve my heart into this fucking wall and let it all come crashing down on me

I’m throwing knives at all your wounds just to remind myself I’m still alive

All alone at night, head in hands (the hope and how I let it die)

Every chance we take is one we’ll later fucking throw away

It’s forever better to burn out than to fade away

You held that picture in front of my face and you asked me

“Will this ever be us someday?”

And I whispered back so softly,

“Some things never fucking change…”
Track Name: Deathbeds
(J. Vena)

I broke my fingers just to see which one would sting the most

And chose that one to trace our steps along the lonely weathered coast

Each sickening snap barraged my ears like livid crashing waves

I bit down through wincing pain on a bruised tongue to write your name

(and we sang...)

"Oh, dear, oh, love, there's nothing left here in this town for us to chase

There's nothing left beneath our feet except the sands of our disgrace

We'll follow maps and endless paths that bear the shape of our bloodless veins

It's just too late for us, too fucking late for us.."

We gave up everything, we made love in our parents' deathbeds

The soil was gracious but we watered it with spit and piss instead

When it rained, it fucking poured.. every acid drop you cursed my name

The jet black clouds became as empty as my throbbing head..

I sleep on daggers and bleed out to time the length between your bored sighs

Your venal heart, it lays in shit, a shallow pest upon my thigh

I've made this bed of thorns, now i'll swallow my teeth and lie in it

I've dug my shallow grave, now i'll vomit out my soul and die in it

(I'm so sick and fucking tired of your face)

So when i pass, don't carve my name into a lavish stone

Scratch it in a mound of dirt with splintered shards of broken bone

And when i die, adorn my grave with wedding bells

I wed myself to feeding worms and sink straight into hell